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French Manicure
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Spa Manicure (with paraffin)
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Polish Renewal
Includes nail shaping and polish application
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OPI Gel Application
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OPI Gel Removal
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OPI Gel Removal & Application
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French Pedicure
$85.00   Add Package
Spa Pedicure (with paraffin)
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Polish Renewal
Includes soaking, nail shaping, cuticle conditioning and polish application
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Gel Pedicure
$90.00   Add Package
An introduction to Aveda's plant & flower based products. (45 mins)
$100.00   Add Package
This total care facial is customized to your skin's specific needs, balancing body and mind through nurturing aromas and techniques. (75 mins)
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Designed to minimize the appearance of redness and relieve sensitive skin, this soothing 45 minute treatment will hydrate your skin with a thermo-cooling masque.
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Designed to clear the complexion and restore radiance to dull and fatigued skin, this 50 minute treatment will reveal balanced, glowing skin.
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This 60 minute hydrating treatment will improve the visible toning of the face and neck, and improve hydration for age-defying radiance.
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Sea C Spa
This 60 minute treatment will reverse the visible signs of aging, improve overall elasticity, and energize the skin.
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A non-invasive treatment with instant and long lasting visible results. The appearance of expression lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced through this 60 minute facial.
$160.00   Add Package
Collagen 90
An intensely rejuvenating facial which noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This 75 minute treatment leaves the skin glowing and feeling smooth.
$160.00   Add Package
Collagen Sublime Eye Treatment
An anti-aging 30 minute treatment designed for the eye area to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.
$60.00   Add Package
Make Up
Full Face
$75.00   Add Package
Eyes, Lips, Cheeks
$50.00   Add Package
Bridal Make-Up
Includes trial.
$150.00   Add Package
Eyelash Extensions
Full set
$150.00   Add Package
Lash Refill
$45.00   Add Package
Lash Lift
$95.00   Add Package
Salt Glow
A customized skin refining treatment using natural minerals, sea salts and warmed oils that will exfoliate the entire body. Complete this treatment with a relaxing application of customized hydrating lotion. The result is soft, smooth skin and a total feeling of well being.
$110.00   Add Package
Purifying Back Treatment
This refining treatment for the hard to reach areas of the back, neck and shoulders removes impurities, releases tension, and hydrates the skin.
$120.00   Add Package
Registered Massage Therapy
(30 minutes)
$55.00   Add Package
Registered Massage Therapy
(1 hour)
$90.00   Add Package
Registered Massage Therapy
(1.5 hour)
$130.00   Add Package
Fusion Stone Massage
A customized massage using warm stones for deep relaxation of the muscles.
$130.00   Add Package
Third Avenue Escape
60 minute massage, Sea C Spa Facial OR Hydrolifting Facial, Pedicure, Manicure, and Spa Lunch.
$350.00   Add Package
Sensory Journey
Sea C Spa Facial OR Hydrolifting Facial, Pedicure and Manicure
$235.00   Add Package
Total Beauty
Salt Glow and Spa Pedicure
$180.00   Add Package

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